Getting Started

Step 1 – Care Needs

At Haven Home Care, it is important to us that we understand your support requirements and are always happy to discuss any care needs that you, your family or loved ones require.

After the initial phone call, either with yourself, family or social worker, the Haven Home Care team would arrange a time convenient to all parties to meet the individual for an assessment of the care needs, and answer any questions that you may have.  If you decided that Haven Home Care is suitable to meet your requirements, we will then discuss and include yourself in all steps of the care planning.

Step 2 – Care Planning

Care plans are bespoke and person centered to the individual needs of the person receiving the care and support.  Details of how the individual likes things to be done and in which order.

The care plans are kept confidential between Haven Home Care and yourself and are reviewed regularly.  Support can be added if required (through further assessments.  This is sometimes necessary by Social Workers or Haven Home Care).  Haven Home Care are constantly thriving to promote independence and enablement.

Haven Home Care liaises with you, your representatives, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist and any other parties who can support you to have the best care package possible.

Step 3 – Our Quality of Care

At Haven Home Care we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent quality of care and support.

We are flexible and always tailor the service to suit your needs.

We have a small team at Haven Home Care and endeavour to send the same support staff to you to keep continuity and remain consistent in our care approach, our team are fully trained in mandatory requirements.

Should you require a service that we do not currently provide, we would assess the needs to see if we could acquire training on this particular need.

We feel communication is paramount to the service with all aspect of care and support being recorded in a daily log book kept in the clients home, these are regularly monitored by office staff and concerns are acted upon immediately.  The Head of Care does regular spot checks to ensure staff are preforming to the best of their abilities and all care needs are being met.  The Head of Care also regularly liaises with the individual and family to ensure that they are happy from their perspective and any concerns are noted, these meetings are also recorded.

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